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Me – A Progress Report

It’s been a month or thereabouts since I made the post about trying to get healthier. This is how it’s gone so far:

So, lets start with the bits where I’ve been reasonably good. In the space of a month, I have biked about 50 miles, been swimming once and swam about 600m, I have been talking walks with my colleagues at lunchtime and have walked somewhere between 15 to 20 miles during those times. Over the easter break, my girlfriend and I went on holiday to Holland (yes, actual Holland, not just the Netherlands) and we must have walked three laps around the centre of Amsterdam. I’ve done a fair amount of exercise.

On the downside, I wanted to do considerably more exercise in that time (50 miles on a bike and 600m of swimming in a month is pretty pathetic really) but a bout of illness and my time on holiday put a crimp in those plans.

I need to work harder on my diet. I have improved my breakfasts a little and my evening meals are not excessive but it’s during the working day that I need to be better. I don’t usually give myself enough time in the mornings to prepare decent lunches for myself so that inevitably means that I need to buy lunch at work. I work for a sixth form college and as much as it distresses the catering staff there, the meals that they serve are, shall we say, suboptimal. Please don’t interpret that as an attack on our catering staff, they are hard working and very skilled. The trouble is that when the catering staff prepare healthy meals for our students, they don’t buy them. I suppose it’s better to serve them chips and burgers and at least get them fed than it is to waste money on healthy food which doesn’t get sold and leave them hungry. This means that my choices when I’m buying food at work are rather limited. I’ve also learned through experience that I can’t eat in the cafeteria because when I try, I end up getting interrupted by a member of staff who thinks that their IT problems are more important than my lunch break and I end up abandoning it.  They have a food shop on campus. They sell sandwiches but they’re generally ones which I don’t like, they either have fillings which are not to my taste or they’re lathered with mayonnaise which I loathe. The shop is also loaded with confectionary and sugary drinks. There is a fruit basket at the till but there is generally only about a 50% chance that I’ll find something in there which looks edible. Pretty much the only place where I can buy filling food at college which I can eat at my desk or away from the servery is the cafe which sells panini, sausage rolls, pastries and cakes. Ultimately, it doesn’t make for a very good lunch.

My diet while I was on holiday wasn’t very good either, we ended up having chips or other junk food most days and we even stopped at a McDonald’s at a motorway service station because we were desperate and there was nothing else. I tell you, I wasn’t expecting much from it but amazingly they still ended up disappointing me. That burger was vile. It’s a mystery to me how McDonald’s are so popular.

Anyway, over the last month I’ve lost about half a kilogram. It’s progress but not as much as I wanted. I want to lose at least 15KG (32lb, 3 stone, 4lb) more and 4″ from my waistline and I am determined to do it. Again. I just hope it won’t take me 30 months to do!