Almost two years in…

This is bad. I’m paying money each year to host this blog and for the domain name. OK, I’m not paying much but even so, I’m basically ignoring my blog. I said two years ago that this couldn’t stand yet here we are. I must do better.

So what’s been happening in my job?

Well, I’m happy in my work again. They’re keeping me busy. I’ve done a lot since I’ve started, too much to list here but here are some highlights:

  • I’ve implemented two new VMware farms
  • I’ve commissioned two new SANs
  • I’ve helped commission two new very fast Internet connections
  • I’ve installed two new firewalls (Smoothwall)
  • I’ve migrated us away from an Office 365 solution (badly) managed by Capita Openhive to one that’s managed in-house
  • I’ve designed a new Active Directory domain for my workplace and I’m in the process of implementing it
  • I’ve deployed Configuration Manager to replace RM CC4
  • I’ve redesigned our Wireless authentication system
  • I’ve helped install and configure a ton of new HP switches in three of our schools
  • I’ve been swearing an awful lot at some of the design decisions made by my predecessors and the support companies the MAT have employed and have been slowly but surely correcting them

So yes, they’ve certainly been keeping me busy. I plan to post a few articles about some of this and put some some of the PowerShell scripts I’ve written to do certain things. Like I say, I must do better.

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