Over the last few years, I have had… issues… with my weight. I have never been morbidly obese but I have been bigger and heavier than I’d like to be. A few years ago, I lost a substantial amount of weight for reasons that I eventually put down to stress; I was in a job that I disliked intensely and pretty unhappy on a personal level too. I did come out of the other side of it and had the unexpected benefit of loosing about eight inches from my waistline and about 20-25KG of weight.

Since then, I’ve gained, lost and gained weight again. I’m nowhere near as big as I was at my heaviest but I’m still on the wrong side of 100KG and some of my clothes are starting to get uncomfortable. I need to do something about this. So, I am going to start tracking what I’m eating. I’m going to cut the crap out of my diet and start riding my bike on a regular basis. I might even start making my eightish mile journey to work on my bike instead of driving it. 16 miles a day?  A tough order at the moment but if I can get my fitness up, I’ll see the benefits.

Anyway, I’m going to start posting my progress on here in the vague hope that making it public will spur me on and keep me on the straight and narrow. Wish me luck!

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