Merry belated Christmas

Well, Merry Christmas I guess.

This has been a bit of a strange one for me. For starters, I’ve been sick with the flu for a good chunk of it and really have only started to feel myself again now.

The other strange thing about is that I think that this is the first time I have started and finished the day completely on my own. With previous Christmases, I’ve either still been living at home, have stayed with my parents for the duration of the holiday or stayed with my girlfriend’s family. This time around, with my parents moving to a smaller house and my girlfriend spending it up at her parent’s in Scotland I’ve started and ended the day in my own flat.

I spent the day with my family of course but it was a bit weird all the same. Oh well, time marches on! I hope that anyone who reads this had a good day on Thursday and enjoys the rest of the festive period! Best wishes for 2015.

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